Hybrid Learning Certified Educator Specialization

Welcome to the Hybrid Learning Certification, a transformational journey co-crafted with educators for educators. Explore the art of creating and delivering impactful learning experiences that go beyond traditional learning experiences. Seamlessly blend synchronous and asynchronous elements to deliver a power-packed learning experience. Equip yourself with the skills to adeptly navigate hybrid learning's synchronous and asynchronous modes, while embracing the global citizenship education mindset and principles.

Hybrid learning extends beyond the blend of technology and teaching methods; it's about fostering a dynamics fusion of synchronous and asynchronous modes and approaches. As education evolves, you're poised to lead change equipped with skills that reshape learning paradigms.

In this specialization, enhance your ability to craft engaging synchronous and asynchronous learning journeys. Seamlessly intertwine the best of online and offline teaching methods, unlocking your potential to connect more effectively with your learners.

Upon completion of this specialization, you'll emerge as a visionary educator adept at nurturing inclusive, adaptable learning environments that encourage student co-agency. You'd be better prepared to deliver academics, while employing the art and science of social-emotional learning, preparing your students to thrive in the classrooms and beyond.

Join us on this transformational journey – champion hybrid learning and transform education for human and planetary flourishing.

Course Goals and Objectives:

Throughout this specialization, you will:

  • Explore key concepts and models of hybrid learning, moving beyond just technology integration.
  • Gain proficiency in designing and delivering engaging hybrid learning experiences.
  • Hone the art of crafting assessments that suit hybrid environments and student needs.
  • Cultivate a global perspective in education, enhancing cultural awareness and inclusivity.
  • Acquire strategies to effectively manage synchronous and asynchronous hybrid teaching scenarios.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this specialization, you will:

  • Develop a deep understanding of hybrid learning models and their applications.
  • Design innovative and personalized learning experiences for diverse learners.
  • Create effective assessment strategies tailored to hybrid environments.
  • Foster global citizenship education through your teaching practices.
  • Seamlessly integrate synchronous and asynchronous elements for optimal engagement.

8 Modules

Introduction to the Course

In this specialization, we explore the foundational concepts and skills required to design, develop and deliver effective and engaging hybrid learning experiences for courses and lessons.

Modules for this course 8
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