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We're so glad to have you on board the Hybrid Learning Certification! This specialization course explores the foundational concepts and skills needed to effectively design, develop, and deliver an engaging, enjoyable, well-crafted, and impactful hybrid learning experience. 

The outbreak of Covid-19 forced thousands of educational institutions and millions of educators worldwide to find alternatives to the traditional in-person model of teaching and learning. No Teacher Education course had prepared educators for such a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous eventuality as the COVID-19. From schools, big and small, educators rose to the occasion and experimented with different ways of teaching during the pandemic-imposed lockdowns. Online learning was one such alternative that many opted to implement.

As educators strove to replicate their face-to-face classroom experience using other methods such as online platforms, many struggled to find the 'magic sauce' to delivering impactful student learning experiences, engagement, and satisfaction with these different alternatives. That's where we came in and saw the need to support educators just like you. We have so far co-created, with the help of our contributors, a structured and engaging certification program to develop your professional capacities to handle any similar eventuality in the future while delivering impactful and engaging learning experiences in the present.

This course is designed to equip you to emerge as Teacher 4.0 — confident and poised to prepare learners to thrive in the age of Artificial Intelligence! Now a quick rewind to explore the role versions of educators over different societal phases: Prior to the Industrial Revolution, education took a different form. During this period, educators' roles were distinct from subsequent eras (Teacher 1.0). The Industrial Revolution brought about significant changes to education and required educators primarily assumed the role of being the sage "on the stage" in the classroom and be a purveyor/disseminator of knowledge (Teacher 2.0). Transitioning into the Information Age and the Internet Revolution, education underwent yet another transformation. In the phase, teachers' roles evolved from being mere purveyors of knowledge to becoming facilitators of knowledge as a response to the increasing accessibility of information through digital platforms (Teacher 3.0). Today, we are experiencing the impact of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution on education. This marks the emergence of Teacher 4.0, where educators are taking on an extra role of 'augmentors of learning' — in addition to being a guide, a facilitator, and a mentor — focusing on enhancing and complementing the learning experience. As AI technologies become integrated into educational settings, there is a need for teachers to  become adept at leveraging these tools to augment the learning process, thereby adapting their roles to the evolving landscape of education. 

Therefore, supporting educators in embracing this evolving role, effectively navigating through this period of transformation to craft engaging learning experiences that align with this new reality is a pressing priority for educational stakeholders including educational leaders and institutions.

Quite a handful of educators have discovered this 'magic sauce' to an adequate education model that draws the very best of traditional and online teaching — Hybrid learning. , Hybrid learning offers the flexibility and ease of an online environment while keeping the benefits of an in-person classroom experience.

In the Pandemic-imposed lockdown of schools, most educators and learners have demonstrated and experienced learning beyond the four walls of a physical classroom. With the experiences and gains made during the pandemic, one can safely say, online learning and hybrid learning are here to stay. Now let's take the next step and proceed with this learning journey together.

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Introduction to the Course

In this specialization, we explore the foundational concepts and skills required to design, develop and deliver effective and engaging hybrid learning experiences for courses and lessons.

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